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Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Girl with Flowers

Take the basic act of giving flowers to the next level by being creative with how you offer them.

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Surprising with blooms is always a really sweet gesture of love. Flowers have long been regarded as the most effective transmitters of love. People might show their sentiments for their spouses without saying a single word. Whether it's Valentine's Day, your sweetheart's birthday, your anniversary, or any other day, surprising your girlfriend or wife with a gorgeous bouquet is a powerful way to convey passion and love. Take the basic act of giving flowers to the next level by being creative with how you offer them. Here is what you can do with extra help from our flowers delivery virginia beach.

Giving flowers other than roses

Even though red roses are frequently connected to love, consider using one of the other top-selling flowers this year to convey your true feelings instead. Use these types to add a distinctive touch to your bouquets:


On Valentine's Day, are you hoping to wow your special someone with some elegant flowers? A beautiful bouquet of tulips is always a good choice. Known as the aphrodisiac of flowers, these exquisite blossoms suggest fantasy and are ideal for ladies who are emotional and sensitive.


Vibrant and striking lilies are a fantastic choice for creating the perfect romantic and loving ambiance. Lilies not only symbolise love but also money and prosperity, which are desirable things to want for your loved one.

A Roomful of Flowers

One of the best ways to charm a female is to surround her with fresh romantic flowers for her. Flowers have been scientifically shown to boost people's moods. When she enters a room full of flowers, she feels a surge of love and delight. This lovely surprise can instantly elevate her spirits and wipe away all of her tiredness and fatigue following a long day at work. And with our same-day flower delivery, you can get the blooms to do this even if you are in a hurry or short of time.

Complement Beautiful Flowers With A Love Poem

Why not take the time to write a love letter for your loved one to go with your flowers to give a girl? Write a short, charming poem expressing your true feelings for her. Expressing your sentiments in words results in a masterpiece that she will treasure for years to come.

Petal Shower

One of the most romantic surprises you can give your girl with flowers is to shower her with soft flower petals on special occasions. Instead of giving flowers to your girlfriend, contact a florist to plan a petal shower for Valentine's Day or her birthday. Talk to a florist about the season's brightest, most colorful, and most pleasant flowers to create a bouquet of romantic flowers for girlfriend which she is going to love for sure.

Send Her a Bouquet at the Office

Amidst the hustle and bustle of work, surprise your loved one with a bouquet of fresh romantic surprises for her, vibrant flowers from our flower shop Virginia beach. This genuine gesture will not only make her happy but will also demonstrate to her coworkers that she has a lovely and loving relationship. Make sure to send a little love message.

Propose in style

Do not simply get down on your knees and propose with flowers for a girl. Invite her to marry you in style! While there are numerous methods to propose, placing a diamond ring in the heart of a rose arrangement is one way to surprise her. You don't have to get down on your knees immediately. Simply hand her the flowers as if nothing were occurring. When she sees the diamond ring on the flower, you can be sure she will jump with joy and shout, "Yes."

Send Her Flowers to Make Up For Your Missing Presence

Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough. Despite the miles between you, you may still foster romance in your long-distance relationship by sending them to her to make her feel loved and remind her about how much you love her.

Give her flowers regularly

Gifting flowers to your lady love on important occasions can be romantic, but even gifting her flowers on an ordinary day can make her feel special. When she returns home from a long day at work, surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet. There is no need for particular occasions to make the woman you love feel appreciated. Often, this emotional act demonstrates that you are continuously thinking about her and want her to know.


We hope that these suggestions give a spark and affection to your relationship. It is not necessary to go to great lengths to express how much you love and care for her. A modest gesture can make a great difference. Also with our Flowers at Hilltop, you can get the best blooms for her which she will surely love.

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